Overview of SpatialAnalyzer® (SA)

SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) by New River Kinematics (NRK) is the premier portable metrology software solution for large-scale manufacturing applications. Put simply, SA helps users save time, money, and effort--ultimately improving productivity. Click here for a video that highlights some of the latest features.

SA is a highly flexible, instrument-independent, traceable 3D graphical software platform that makes it easy for users to:

  • inspect parts
  • build
  • analyze data
  • report
  • reverse design
  • interface with virtually any type of portable metrology instrument
  • automate complex operations to improve measurement and inspection efficiencies.

SA helps customers achieve the following:

  • address a broad spectrum of problems ranging from simple to complex
  • save time, money, effort, and ultimately improve productivity
  • establish ROI and accomplish goals that were previously impossible.

Instrument-independent, SA can simultaneously communicate with virtually any number and type of portable metrology instruments while performing complex tasks simply. SA can also integrate data from multiple instruments and help users find the best optimization to improve accuracy, save time, and reduce scrap. Interfacing with over 120 instruments (Laser Trackers, Local GPS, Portable CMM's, Theodolites, Total Stations, Laser Scanners, etc), SA provides simple, common interfaces for each instrument class.

Since its inception, SA has been involved in innovative, cutting-edge applications in almost every industry involving large-scale manufacturing. SA adopters include leading manufacturers around the globe in the aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, satellite, and automotive industries.

Ever improving, SA is under continuous development to further meet customer needs and goals. Interested in learning what's new with SA? Click here to review the latest software releases.

Introduction to SA Video:


Basic Inspection with the Instrument Toolbar in SA


SA Toolkit Features & Capabilities:

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